Wines Simple Nuances

The wine culture in South Africa has shown tremendous growth potential both internationally and locally. Finding its way into new markets, by new markets I am referring to the black community and young market. At one point the wine culture was taboo within the black community but today every other person especially young black females prefer wine to ciders and spirits. I will list a few wines that I have had the pleasure of running down my tongue…let me put this out there, I am a light drinker and a very particular at that.

The wines that I have found to be most popular are Nederburg and Robertsons wine that you can buy just about anywhere in supermarkets or off the menu. These two wines are also the most widely consumed especially the boxed wine which is popular because of the affordability and size it comes in.

I myself prefer bottled wine and I have a love and respect for the wine culture, I think I am more in-love with the actual culture and mystic of wine than I am of the wine itself. Maybe this is the reason I do not yet have a firm favourite.

I will list some of the wines that my friends love to drink that I have enjoyed drinking. These wines are different with their own characteristics. And if you are planning a dinner party you could use each bottle to compliment a different dish.

Nederburg is the first wine I was introduced to, I think I loved the classic look of the bottle first and I got curious about the content. I like the Rose because it is light, good for someone who wants something more like a cocktail or cider but it does not really offer body or that panache wine taste. I settled on the Wine Masters Reserve Sauvignon Blanc it is light but with body, it has subtle herbaceous nuances, with a sought of light/smooth texture to it, this wine I drink because it’s light. I also tried the Nederburg Baronne, very different from the Sauvignon Blanc because it’s full bodied. I could actually taste the berries and oak and the ruby red colour just made me feel like yes this is it…but it’s also very dry so it’s not the sought of wine I would drink at leisure but certainly when I want to have a full bodied glass of wine where I can taste every bit of its character and nuances.


As If Nederburg wasn’t enough I discovered Ratafia by Haute Cabriere. This wine tastes like a combination of wine and whiskey in a way. It’s like a cross of the two. It’s an exciting wine to drink with rich flavours of spirit and a sweet delight.


The one wine that has managed to embody the best of both worlds for me is the Meerlust Merlot, wine maker Chris Williams. This wine I would say, has a much more mature characteristic to it. The ingredients work well together non over powering the other. It’s spicy, ripe, fruity with refreshing acidity, structured yet silky tannins and has pronounced length and minerality. The Meerlast Merlot is the kind of wine I can have any day and enjoy it fully.

Wine is a culture best enjoyed when put to the test, in keeping up with tradition I have listed some pairings that I suggest you try together with your selected wine to fully enjoy the wine culture. When enjoying your meal savor the moment, savor the taste. Try and taste the embodiment of the wine and it’s simple nuances to enjoy the experience, cheers.

Wine Pairings / Compliments:

Ratafia by Haute Cabriere

Enjoy as aperitif or with starters:

Liver, Liver paste and scallops, escargots with decadent desserts it is a delicious digestif.

Nederburg Wine Masters Reserve Sauvignon Blanc


Chutney and Herb Glazed Ribs

Nederburg Baronne


Slow Cooked Sunday Lamb

Meerlust Merlot


Red meat, Game and strong cheeses

Nederburg Rose


Cherries, strawberries etc.


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