Like All Things Beautiful Keep Calm And Know Pretty Hurts, Women Suffer For Beauty


PRETTY HURTS, I never knew exactly what this statement meant until I became a woman. Growing up life was simple, but then you grew up and suddenly life got complicated. My mother use to say ‘you suffer for beauty’ she usually said that right after I did my hair and I complained of how much it hurts. The thought of getting my hair done was a great feeling. It usually meant I could style my hair as desired as opposed to having an afro or I could rock a set style like braids. Finally I would have hair that flows.

Everyone would tell you how pretty you will look afterward but no one tells you just how much it hurts. Whenever I had my hair relaxed I got burned by the relaxer creme. The hairdresser would tell me ‘be strong, hold on just a bit more, the longer you sit with the relaxer the straighter your hair will become’ I always did as advised. As you can imagine, the relaxer creme did burn my scalp, but my hair was dead straight and that my dear reader was THE BEST FEELING EVER! everyone would compliment you on how great your hair looks.

Fast Forward many years later, and a good relaxer is not the only thing that hurts. Now, all of a sudden you have things like weight, skin, diet, pose, make-up, hair, beauty and public perception to worry about…like your teenage years weren’t enough trouble. But, I have to say, my school years it seems were a walk in the park back in the 90’s. Today’s teenagers are too self aware, so much that their teenage years are literally based on their LOOKS more then their academics. And that alone makes me happy to be born in the 80’s.

The honest truth is we should all embrace who we are as INDIVIDUALS. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way. Being pretty is not everything. Beauty comes in many shapes and forms, pick one that agrees with you and be happy with your choice. If you asked me If I believe looks are important my answer would be ‘yes’. But the question is, are looks as important as we believe they are, what influence has media and society played in our perception of beauty? I believe the question of beauty is not one of shape or form but one of emotion and feeling. To me feeling beautiful and confident matters more then looking beautiful. But, beauty will always be admired and sought after just like the mystical fountain of youth.

Pretty hurts pretty much at any age for woman. Growing up I always thought at a certain age woman stop caring about their outer appearance. I now realise that this isn’t so, since my mother in her late 50’s is still so concerned about her APPEARANCE and wouldn’t mind losing a few kilo’s and having a smaller waist. Women love to be beautiful outside in.

The female form is God’s greatest work. She is a measure of all that is good, her proportions are just the right measure – from her body, to her mind, to her heart. Everything is proportioned with a good measure of love and care. But pretty always hurts, this BEAUTIFUL form was built to withstand hardship. Childbirth is one of the most beautiful gifts and like all things beautiful – it hurts.


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When Only The Best Will Do For Your Hair, Face And Body It’s Pure Essential Oils or Nothing – D.I.Y

This week I have been on a mission to begin my metamorphosis into more healthier hair, face and body products. I have read a lot of blogs and watched a lot of you tube video’s all of which is very helpful – but confusing at the same time. So, this whole week I dedicated my time to buying some really great oils with the intention to make my own hair, face and body products. I managed to get pure coconut oil, almond oil, linseed/flaxseed oil and castor oil (from my local pharmacy), olive oil, avocado oil, amla oil (from my local food store) and Olive Miracle growth oil (with a mix of essential oils) and a few great hair products (from my local health and home product store). Although I got a few oils on my list, I failed to get all the oils I needed and it proved to be quite a mission getting through my list. I realised this, my blogs are by Americans and it seems that they have a vast array of products available to them in their local stores and in large quantities at reasonable prices. Here in South Africa these very same products although some of which can be easily found, they cannot be located in one store nor can they be found in large quantities or variety – you will get the oils in small packaging at a high cost. And worst of all the staff can be of little help because they are unfamiliar with these oils or their use, they will not even know if the store stocks them or not. Keep in mind you will find these oils on different isles of the store, like the avocado oil will be on the food isle while the coconut oil will be on the cosmetic isle. One essential ingredient I was disappointed not to find is aloe vera, I did find one in powder form called Cape Aloe. But, since I was looking for the aloe in liquid form I just didn’t know how to incorporate the Cape Aloe into my other oils. Now I have all these oils lined up on my bedroom dresser along with all my other hair products – my dresser looks a mess. I have my beauty products, a lot of hair and body products and hair dyes (I rarely use). I just love a good sale I guess, because I get most of my products on sale. The reason I went on this ridiculous oil shopping spree is because I have a plan. I intend to use pure products from now on. While reading through all those blogs one simple fact became very apparent to me. We always want to but products that are going to aid our health and looks, this is the very trick product marketers use on us unsuspecting consumers. They sell us products and write in bold print coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil and even make the bottle look greenish like the olive and emphasise all the goodness of these oils to us on the cover/label – and we think yes! That’s exactly what I need AWESOME!!!. But hold on…turn that product around and look for the olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil on the ingredients list. You will run your eyes down the list until viaola there you go, you find it at number 11 or worse it’s the 27th on the list – WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Well, it simply means you’ve been had. What you are buying is not olive oil but has trace elements of the oil in it. As a rule always look to see if the main ingredient is in the first 5 ingredients on the list because that is what makes up the bulk of your product. I now practice this rule every time I go shopping and I am usually disheartened to find that most products use false advertisement. Adding a few of these essential/carrier oils together with pure shearbutter (which I am still searching for) or on their own will give me varying consistencies and mixtures of oils that will serve differing purposes for my hair, face and body. I like following beauty regimes that work for me and trying some on recommendation. I enjoy my oil baths and or straight out of bath oil moisturizer, oil face cleansing, hot oil treatments, pre poos, essential oil shearbutter, creme hair treatments and adding carrier and essential oils to my hair conditioners or water based hair spray. As you can see there are so many uses for these essential and carrier oil. I have already made a mixture I use on my hair, body and for my soothing oil bath. FYI Adding rosemary does wonders for the scent. I simply want to give my hair, face and body the best that it needs. I am on the look out on how to effectively use these oils to serve me accordingly and therefore I welcome any and all suggestions. I have had a lot of fun doing this transition and I only hope changing my eating habits will be even more fun, I hope. Remember you can follow me on twitter @kellymthethwa

Styles That Make Your Hair Shine

You are your hair! Hair is a woman’s beauty feature that can easily be overlooked. What better way to express yourself then through your hair. Although we experiment with different hair styles throughout our lives and for different occasions; there is that one style that defines our persona.

Take a look at the styles that defined not just the moment but the stars that be.

If you had to go out with everything but your clothes what would it be? Why not wear the most amazing part of you, your hair?!


Hair can be trendsetting like any fashion item, pulling off a look like the one above sometimes requires attitude to be translated into your hair.

Go bold or go home…if you are confident enough sometimes the bare minimum will suffice.

It’s all about attitude and less about looks. But, it’s almost always about the hair.

The more hair the better and the crazy the better…after all a woman’s beauty is measured by her hair, whether thick, long, curly, straight or plain kinky. Hair is your best feature, the first thing you put on before anything else.


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The Secrete To SEXY!

Women love looking beautiful and being told just how gorgeous they look in their new anything. But, nothing says beautiful, gorgeous and hot like putting on a little sexy something. Lingerie is not just an undergarment to woman, it’s a secrete weapon of allure. A weapon that makes any woman feel on top of the world, her weapon to making any man weak in the knees as she moves in for the kill…Seduction is the name of the game…

with imagination as your driver.

The possibilities are limitless and every twist has a turn that seems more interesting then the last.

It’s the unspoken words, body language, eye contact, her temptress ways and zeal that gives this amazon warrior her sex appeal.

But, the one true secrete to her sexiness is…her own little secrete.



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The Township Tale

The Township the view from the House Of Glass

Crime, hi-jacking, rape, robberies, poverty, lack of education and skills are just a few stigmas attached to the township. Many people have different perspectives of what township life is, what it looks like, how it must feel like living there, right down to the type of people you would expect to find living there. All these perceptions coupled with our history of apartheid and the media shape this projected image of the township. The truth is, very few people know what township life is like.

Growing up in the township in the 90’s, I remember how the streets were always alive and jovial (especially on a weekend). People walking up and down the road, the whistles exchanged back and forth that I could never quite understand, the sound of children playing and laughing; and the singing from the local township shebeen and that small group of working man that always gathered under the same tree every weekend for a round of beer. Music was a big part of township life, and it still is. This might stem from the fact that Africans love to sing and dance as much as they love their traditional food.

Growing up crime was not an everyday topic nor was it considered rife. I do not remember witnessing it or hearing of a break-in in the neighbourhood as a child growing up.

Tsotsi’s/criminals roamed the township, mostly doing pick pocketing and petty crime. Then there was the gitsi’s (car jackers) who operated outside of the township, driving nice cars and wearing fancy clothes and spending thousands at the drop of a hat – they made the criminal life look fancy to youngsters.

At any given time there would be a handful of criminals that were the reason why no one wanted to be outside after dark. These criminals were usually known by name and dealt with in time. The township had its’ own way of dealing with criminals back then, it was called D.C short for disciplinary committee. Criminals would be stripped naked beaten to the point of hospitalisation (sometimes death) and paraded throughout the township for all to witness.

The township or iKasi as it is best known is the pulse of the nation – the epitomy of urbanisation in the modern era. iKasi dictates the latest trends in brands, music, fashion, drink, cars, hangouts, hairstyle and trendiest suburb to purchase your first home to the best hotel and restaurants. Africans are a people who are traditionalists but embrace change. Just like in any other culture the media plays a pivotal role in influencing the fashion trends and Africans are brand and price conscious buyers who love wearing the best and latest fashion trends on the market. No-wonder it makes business sense for big business to move to the township – it is where the majority of their customers are.

The typical weekend in the 21st century is canvassed by the local mall/shopping centre, carwash, shisa nyama/ traditional food outlet, a visit to the local salon and an evening at the best lifestyle establishment in iKasi. With the change in income we have seen start-up businesses like B n’ B’s, spa’s and Lifestyle establishments pop-up around the township. The entrepreneurial spirit is sweeping over iKasi but not all businesses survive, I believe this is due to lack of business acumen. Through education and proper distribution channels the gap between skills and education can be bridged, sustaining and developing business in the township.


Nearly 17 years later, the township vibe and entertainment scene has grown and is the main tourist attraction. The thread that defines and links township culture is ‘spirit’. iKasi spirit reminds me of Timone and Pumba’s phrase ‘hakuna matata’ a Swahili phrase meaning ‘no worries’ – be happy.