The Masked Dinner – Fully Booked

I regret to inform you that The Masked Dinner has been fully booked for 15 December 2013.

Welcome to an evening at The Masked Dinner where the night is all about you. This is a platform where you get to enjoy a 3 course menu and drinks while learning and sharing, in a socially exciting environment. You get to engage, contribute and share with industry professionals and entrepreneurs on a personal basis.

The Masked Dinner is not just a dinner but an experience that allows for the sharing of ideas and growth for the guests.

Expect good food, drinks, service and music while mingling with guests that share the same interests as you.

The Masked Dinner is an evening of mystery where you can expect to make new friends and cement old relationships.

This is a networking platform that leaves the power in your hands, ‘you are the master of your own destiny’.

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Date: 15 December 2013, Sunday

Time: 18:30 – till late

Cost: R250 p.p.

Venue: Vogue Lounge Umhlanga, 329 Coastlands Hotel, Umhlanga Ridge

R.S.V.P: Kelly Mthethwa


Twitter: @kellymthethwa

*We encourage every guest to wear a mask at the event

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Restaurants And Take Away – Old Dog New Tricks

Photo0725Today I set off to town looking for an adventure, I don’t know why but I knew when I got there I would find something interesting. And right I was, as I turned the corner of West street and Gardner street – there it was…a swam of protestors in red, I thought ‘might it be NUM hmm…but I had read they settled at 12%’. So, I decided to move in closer and satisfy my curiosity. It was a full on toyi-toyi with singing and the usual dance it seemed quite fun. At the back of my mind I was like what if this march turns violent? What than? But I felt a little reassured with the police leading and guarding the march that it would not get out of control. Anyway this is not the story I am trying to tell. Let’s get back to the story.

There is a new mall in town – Durban city centre, well not so new but new to me, it’s called the Mutual Mall. The mall has three entrance routes, one on West Street, the other on Smith Street and another on Gardner Street making sure it gets traffic from all directions. I had walked through the mall once before on my way to buy from Subway which is when I discovered this little gem.

I call it a gem because it introduces Durbanites to a variety of unfamiliar restaurants. It gives a different feel from the usual suspects such as the ever so popular KFC that needs no introduction, Mac Donald’s, Spur, Nando’s, Chicken Licken oh and not forgetting the underdog the Schwarma outlets that seem to be taking over the Durban CBD like a plague.


Mutual mall offers a new take on fast food or take away, it’s designed to cater for the busy workers in the city offering little or limited sitting within the restaurant and a centrally located open space where patrons can sit for a meal. This means you can buy a little of everything that the Mutual mall restaurants have on offer and enjoy it at your own leisure.


I visited restaurants that took my fancy and grabbed a menu to see what was on offer. I first went to The Fish and Chips Co. This is the first place that took my fancy first time I discovered the mall, it specialises in fish as I’m sure you have guessed. The menu is reasonably priced, you can have a meal for R30.00, and you can expect to find the usual suspects your fish, chips and calamari. The sitting is modest nothing fancy; it serves the purpose, what more can you want. Right across there is ‘Chillies’, as you might suspect its synonymous with Indian food, their menu cost a bit more I would say budget R60 if you would like to experience their food. Chillies is inviting to the eye too. I am planning on trying a thing or two from their menu when I have the appetite for hot Indian food. You can expect to find Durban’s very own ‘BUNNY CHOW’, your curries, biryani’s and roti’s. And last but not least there is Shefs Mediterranean kitchen which is literally two steps from Chillies. Their speciality is pasta, the menu is inviting with the food looking really tasty. Shefs is a presentable petite take away, expect a meal for R23 – R30, they also offer meals without pasta and sandwiches and wraps.


The different restaurants all offer a different taste and aesthetics to the mall giving the consumer variety and value for money. Although I did not try out any of the food in these restaurants I did go to Nino’s, keep a look out for my review to see if Nino’s should be your next stop or your biggest nightmare.

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It was exciting receiving an invite last night from Renouveler Votre Corps to their press release. Health and beauty are a women’s best feature, we are constantly searching for the miracle beauty secrete that prolongs our health and beauty, even if for just one year. Forever young and radient, that is how we want to remain. There is nothing that beats ageing gracefully any woman would tell you with age comes wisdom but you don’t have to have the lines to show for it, except for the contours of your smile.

As women we have many duties that need our full attention, our careers, our husbands and our kids. Juggling all of this while we try to keep beautiful and healthy can be a challenge at times. Once you reach a certain age, losing weight you might have gained during a stressful period in your life or after giving birth can be a challenge. Some of us are successful at the gym and some of us need to turn to other options that work wonders. This is why we introduce to you Renouveler Votre Corps.

Renouveler Votre Corps in simple English means “Renew Your Body! This new salon is a machine based slimming salon, where we focus on busy people who want to lose weight, people who have lost weight but still need help to reach their desired goals. Our treatments do work hand in hand with the gym as we believe on healthy living and eating. We also offer anti aging treatments, where a qualified GP will be available, offering anti aging treatments and aesthetic medicine. We want to achieve a one stop salon where you can come for your total beauty needs. The machines we have on offer, shapes, tightens and lifts your skin without invasive surgery.

Renouveler Votre Corps officially launches this Saturday and we would like to invite you to the launch to hear more about the services that we offer and how you can change your life.

Wimpy Burger Special Nightmare

Yesterday, 06 September, I had a short meeting in UMhlanga after which I headed to Wimpy at the Workshop, Durban for lunch. I was early for my next meeting, so I thought why not just go and sit at Wimpy and get myself something to drink. I ordered the bottomless soda, the plan was for me to sit there and kill time while fidgeting with my cellphone. As I sat there the waitress arrived and asked what I would like to have. Oh! before that, a gentleman kindly approached and offered me a menu to which I said ‘no thanks, I’m actually waiting for some people but I will order as soon as they arrive, but I would like the bottomless soda’. He politely told me a waitress would be with me shortly to take my order.

The waitress approached and I ordered my bottomless soda. At the back of my head I was thinking about how many soda’s am I gonna have to drink before these people get here? As I sat there I noticed there is a special for R32.99 a burger with chips and a soda. So, when the waitress arrived with my drink I asked ‘Miss can you please change my order to this special right here, pointing to the picture?’ To my surprise she boldly said no! I was taken aback and repeated NO! and asked why is that? She said because the order is already on the system so what she could do is add the special on to the bottomless soda bringing my balance up to R52.99. I asked so what you are telling me is if a customer is unhappy with an order Wimpy is unable to cancel that order? What is the customer expected to do than? To which she replied cancelling of orders is just not done. The young lady did not have a condescending tone at all, I listened to her as she tried to explain. When she was done I said I do not understand what you are trying to tell me can I please speak to the manager? To which she went and up came the manager.

The manageress introduced herself and I explained the story. She said no problem, you will get what you requested. But, before that she explained how the order cannot be taken off the till once punched in but since I want another order the waitress would just have to sell the order I made previously to another customer so everything balances at the end of the day. I just thought to myself OMG! what a mission, just to cancel one order? Well, according to them it couldn’t be cancelled but it can be passed on to another customer.

As I waited for my burger I whatsapp’d my friend Nelly about the whole thing, she said ‘be careful they might just spit in it’ Oooh! What a bad thought. I remembered how my mom would always tell me to stop complaining so much in restaurants because they might just spit in my food. Not that I complain but I believe in good customer service and consistency.

The burger arrived, as soon as the waitress put it down the bun slid off the top, on to the side of my plate. I was like OK! I carried on texting and sipping my cream soda until it was finished and than wished I had ordered the bottomless soda but it was too late for that. So, I slowly made my way to my chips, it was a very small portion of chips I think there were just seven chips on my plate. I seasoned them with salt and squeezed some tomato and mustard sauce cautiously being careful not to drown my 7 chips. I proceeded to eat the poor chips and chat at the same time, after 2 chips I opened up my burger in two and noticed it was dry, it just had a smear of mayonnaise on the top side. So, I removed the burger patty, put the tired looking tomato aside and smeared some tomato sauce on the piece of lettuce and closed my burger.

I was pretty happy with my improvements I thought my burger was spit free and a bit juicier. So, I picked up my fork and knife, removed the serviette from it and stuck my fork in the burger. The burger bun cracked in places my fork hadn’t even touched! I thought bummer! What was going through my mind was, do I now call the waitress and complain about the stale bun and risk certain spitting in my food? Or do I just suck it up and eat the unsavory burger? Well, I ATE IT!

To add insult to injury the burger was not only tasteless but it tasted like it was steamed and I bet I could taste some soup. I should have complained and insisted on another burger, but I was not going to risk the possibility of consuming unknown substances. I did not finish the burger and that is sooo unlike me, I always finish my food. I did not even ask for a doggy bag. I wanted a glass of water to wash the bad taste ‘mainly of disappointment from my mouth’.

Finally, after the whole ordeal, my guests arrived. It was the worst meal I had ever paid for out of my own pocket. The thought of refusing to pay based on unpalatable food did cross my mind, but, I decided not to act on it. What I did not do is give a tip, which is something I always do. I felt robbed! like my money was taken at gun point for something I couldn’t even trace in my mouth. As I write I do not recall how the Wimpy burger tasted it was like cardboard forced down my throat, Oh! a soupy cardboard.

The experience was terrible, it reminded me of the time I bought the Box Master from KFC, west street and found charcoal half-way through my meal. And the time I paid R200 at Piato at the Pavilion on my BIRTHDAY for a beef or was it mutton Shank that was soaked in soapy broth. Those are stories I intended sharing with you soon, for now I’m still trying to wash off the thought of the worst burger I have ever eaten EVER!

The Durban Fashion Fair Shows Off South Africa’s Talent

Spring is in the air, I have not had the best of winter this year I have always said I prefer winter to summer but I now beg to differ. I can’t wait for summer to begin, I’m so happy spring is finally here.

To grace spring we ‘Durbanites’ had the pleasure of hosting the annual Durban Fashion Fair organised by eThekwini Municipality, boy was it a pleasure to witness. I was anxious to see two designers in particular, David Tlale and Thula Sindi. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend Thula Sindi’s show which was at 21h00, I was not well. But, the next day I made sure I attended David Tlale’s show no-matter what, and I’m so glad I did it was a spectacle. Set at the Durban Memorial Park right in front of the Durban City Hall. David Tlale put on a world class fashion show that left the audience in awe. I loved his concept, to me it said ‘I have arrived in all my splendor’ David made a grand entrance on two roaring motorbikes circling the runway. We were all set aback in amazement and surprise, our attention was fixed on the motorbikes. Than David leaps over and DJ’s his own show while our focus was on him and the music out came the gorgeous models reminding us why we were there in the first place. The garments were ready to wear with cool colours, not forgeting the gorgeous models. David Tlale’s show was a blast.

From there everyone proceeded to the Durban Exhibition Centre where some designers had displayed their garments for the DFF. There you had the opportunity to mingle with the designers and see garments that were previously on the runway. The garments were priced very reasonably, it was a great opportunity to interact and exchange business cards.

The DFF was a great success, but, my only disappointment is I wish more people could have come to see the DFF.

Take a look at some of the garments and accessories at the Durban Fashion Fair: