eYadini Lounge Crowd Pleaser

eYadini Lounge
eYadini Lounge

EYadini Lounge has become the talk of the town and delivers first class entertainment on a weekly basis. Most popular for its Sunday sessions that bring in the best in the country to perform for the crowds. Set on a double-storey house, it stands out from its surrounding. The building somehow transforms from an ordinary double-storey by day, to a night club by night with the lights, sound system, DJ line-up and shisa-nyama.

The crowd pulled in by eYadini Lounge is the biggest by far proving that Durbanites are always up for a good party any day of the week. Mjay a.k.a Jabulani the owner is very popular with guests and if you did not know that he was the owner you would not tell. He has a friendly and welcoming persona which makes guests feel at ease and at home.

Like in any other township lifestyle establishment guests are not shy to spend on the most expensive bottles on offer and feast on the shisa-nyama while enjoying the vibe and culture of uMlazi at eyadini Lounge.

For a night to remember and consistent DJ line-up in a secure environment visit eYadini Lounge in uMlazi. Where every night is better than the last.

Group Bookings : 074 6851 805

Twitter : kellymthethwa

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Max’s Lifestyle Kasi Extravaganza

Max's Lifestyle uMlazi
Max’s Lifestyle uMlazi

Located in the heart of uMlazi at V section in one of the busiest parts of uMlazi is Max’s Lifestyle named after its owner Max Mqadi. This establishment is synonymous with Kasi lifestyle the culture, all out extravaganza, shisa-nyama, car wash and is a hive for tourists and those wanting a taste of township life.

Max’s Lifestyle has managed to bridge the gap between the township perceptions of crime; and highlight the rich culture and experience township life has to offer. Bringing in people from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Mpumalanga etc. and catering to business clients, tourists, locals and skeptics alike.

Max's Lifestle
Max’s Lifestyle

The township lifestyle is nothing if not spectacular, from the expensive cars, liquor, whose who in the zoo and so on. Oh! not forgetting the ladies that make sure the guys come out in numbers armed with their wallets, credit cards and loans to spend to impress to the last penny.

For a kasi lifestyle experience within a lovely secure environment, in one of the busiest and well-known township establishment; head down to Max’s Lifestyle; and get a feel of the place, people, culture and vibe. So, you too can say I HAVE BEEN THERE DONE THAT AND GOT THE MAX’S LIFESTYLE T-SHIRT TO PROVE IT.

Bookings : 074 6851 805

Twitter: kellymthethwa

*Please note this article has not been sponsored

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