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Tips To Clear Your Skin Naturally

Do you recall one of those days where you’d have a pimple so huge you feel like it’s all people can see when they ‘stare’ at you. They always seemed to creep up just before an important day.

Lately my face has been unable to clear up despite my best efforts to drink more water per day and avoid using harsh chemicals.
I now use oil control soap which has somehow helped clear my skin but the blemishes and marks are just not going away.

I suffer from breakouts twice a month, the week before my periods and when I get new hair growth (my entire forehead gets dark and has a breakout).
I have a combination skin but I think it’s more oily then combination. Hence I nolonger moisturise my face and I use a mild soap because my skin is very sensitive.

The problem is my skin is not clearing up after a breakout. It might be age related, stress, diet…I have no idea.

Great news is I found some very helpful blogs that have assisted me with my skin problem. Bloggers will naturally tell you about what worked for them and you have to try a combination of products/regime that work best for your situation.

I’m a true believer in using natural ingredients. It was only natural I try out some natural remedies to solve my problem.

I tried the popular cocunut oil cleansing regime, stuck it out for three weeks despite developing pimples with white heads. Strange enough I had a problem only with my right chic (especially on my jawline) the rest of my face was ok.
I eventually decided I had had enough, cocunut oil just isn’t working. So, some suggested combining sweet almond oil with cocunut oil or just using almond oil alone and using disposable wipes everytime I cleanse my face and not my face towel (which makes sense). There are various types of remedies and beauty regimes available to try out-all in good time. One suggestion I cannot wait to try above all is using aloe vera gel to remove the marks from my face. I just pray it works, otherwise I’ll be back to square one.

Thanks to good bloggers my skin is looking better then it did 5 weeks ago.
– I found out even oily skin needs a good moisturiser (strange but true).
– You should use UV protection on your face or a moisturiser with UV protection.
– Using wipes on your face is the best thing you can do to keep your face clean and healthy.
– Use hot water to open pores and clean your face of impurities and end off with cold water to close your pores.
– You can use a combination of oils as cleansers.
– Fresh lemon juice is great for lightning your skin.
– You can use apple cider vinegar as a toner.
– Try the egg white mask even if its once in your lifetime, it feels awesome.
– Or alternatively use plain yoghurt, honey, lemon juice (face mask).

I guess for the next couple of weeks I’m gonna be having fun trying out some cool beauty regimes to help clear my skin and leave it looking healthy enough to go without a concealer.

Do you have any beauty tips that have worked for you?

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Old Habits Die Hard The Road To A Better You Begins Today, Summer Bodies Are Built In Winter

Image from Darlaantoine.com
Image from Darlaantoine.com

Being a conscious buyer has been the best thing I could have done for my skin and hair this winter. If you missed my last blog post on natural oils, I was doing research on the best products for my hair and skin. I purchased various essential oils to try and make a combination of oils that will work best for my hair and skin.

I am glad to say my hard work paid off (well it was more fun then hard), my skin looks A-MA-ZING! I have found the potion to better looking skin…and being a good blogger I will share my secrete to having great skin despite the harsh, dry winter wind.

Now, when it comes to using oils or with most D.I.Y remedies it’s usually a matter of trial and error. And forget not – what works for me might not work for you, we have different skin and hair types not to mention the environmental factors and our diets – so many things come into play. But the great thing about using natural oils is that you can never go wrong.
I have been using coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and custor oil as a moisturiser for my body and hair. Here is how I mix my oils.

1/4 Custor oil
1/2 Almond oil
1/2 Olive oil
1/2 Coconut oil (melted)

when I first used my moisturiser straight out of the shower I thought it might look oily, but to my surprise there was no oily look or feel. My skin is literally glowing since I started using the natural oils and it is clearer. The only other thing that I do differently apart from using the oil is I exfoliate my body once every week, when I apply the oil I use circular motion. I also use it on my hair to seal in the moisture after a wash and my hair just sucks it up there is no greasy residue left behind.

But, the all important rule of a healthier you is – great skin and body always starts from the inside out. Before I even decided to use essential oils I changed a few habits, I started jogging. When I don’t have time to jog I do exercises in the house (squats, lunges, plank etc.) just to get my heartbeat racing a bit. I make sure I drink a lot of water every-day!

So, as you can see I am trying to do things a little differently. I am not perfect. Sometimes if I give myself enough excuses I go a week without excersise, but I don’t give up. The following week I go right back, even more determined. Changing your lifestlye is one of the hardest things to do, because you have to unlearn habits you have become acustomed to for years.

In winter we change our eating habits we consume more coffee, eat more salty foods and hearty meals. We try to keep warm and as a result exercise less. This all contributes to the changes we see in our hair, skin and body. So the winter challenge for me was to be more active during the winter season. I believe my choice to be pro active made a huge difference not only for my health but my hair and skin too. Using the essential oils has been a rewarding choice for me. Now, if only changing my diet can be as easy…



How kind has the winter season been to you, and have you considered a lifestyle change?

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