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Kelly On Fashion Blogging

I have been meaning to blog more about fashion in the past few weeks but I could not find a fashion viewpoint that defined what fashion blogging is to me . As much as I have read vast amounts of content on fashion I just could not find angle that made me go “wow!, if I blog about fashion this is how I would like to tell my fun fashion fetish”.

If you want great fashion visuals and some fashion inspiration look no further then bloggers. They will give you a good idea of what’s hot and what’s not in the fashion scene. If you want to know about the latest fashion must haves bloggers have first hand accounts of what’s in. I totally love bloggers that will not only tell you about what’s in but provide you with great visuals and how to mix and match garments to get the best look. But even with all that blog reading I just did not find a blog that appealed to the fashion side of me.

To begin with I had no idea what it is I want to focus on when it come to fashion but I know one thing “I do not want to be a blogger that has more images then words”. I always feel like if I do not have anything of value to say then I rather not say anything. Now I realise that when I tried to do my internet or rather Google search of the ‘it fashion blogs’ I went about it the wrong way. I focused my word search too much (searching for items, latest fashion trend, hot fashion news etc.). It was only when I simply searched for the word ‘fashion’ that I finally hit the lotto.

Silly me, what I was looking for was in the one place I should have instinctly began looking, online fashion magazines. The thing is I had looked at print magazines prior to my online search and found the usual and typical fashion fundi trends. But print magazine fashion trends aren’t really what I am aiming for and they will normally tell you about the latest trends and not delve into the world of fashion and the ins and outs of the fashion scene. Where print magazine failed online magazines got right.

After spending sometime browsing online magazines I thought “this is it”. You do not only get to read about what’s trending but you get to know about trends as they are made. You read about things as they happen, you engage with fashion gurus, trendsetters, fashion lovers and of course the fashion editors who make sure every word is where it’s suppose to be.

If you are a fashion fanatic you will agree with me when I say fashion mags and blogs do not paint a holistic picture of the fashion world apart from the trends and trend setters. If you are like me, you will want to know if you were a model what you should do to get a casting call from the leading model agency for the New York Fashion Week. Models are after all a big part of the fashion world. With that said I have found that it is only magazines that are dedicated exclusively to fashion content that have the expertise to write on the topic of fashion in a kaleidoscope way. Although not all fashion magazines poses this skill the few that do make reading about fashion fun and full of hue and texture.

As a blogger I do like blogging about that which appeals to my fancy whether it be the latest trend, celebrity fashion, accessories, cosmetics or even the latest gadget. That is what makes blogging fun. Having done all the research and finally finding a few online magazines that define what the fashion world is all about on and off the catwalk, I now believe I can form my own opinion of what fashion is to me. I can only hope you enjoy my take on fashion and find it fun and informative.


Beauty Personified

Elegance is a sense of style and art that is symbolic of a class and seamless simple yet dynamic features. It is a visual pattern or form that resembles grace and style.
Beauty lies all around us but I dare not say we see the beauty that surrounds us everyday. There comes a time in all our lives when we experience an epiphany, at that moment everything falls into place and voila we see beauty all around us.
Elegance on the other hand is a rare find, it exists in a world of its own where beauty surrounds it and serenades its opulence, elegance exhibits refined grace and dignified propriety.
The question that comes to mind is how can one measure or determine elegance in style and art. That my dear reader I leave to the individual to decifer.
Time tells all, from sunrise to dawn our lives unveil; with each minute the past falls behind us like rain falls from the sky. What is time if not a measure of our accomplishments and growth. Time encapsulates the essence of being, whether we like what we see depends on how well our time was spent.