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I love little places that are quietly tucked away and homey. Cafe Bata seems to be one of those amazing places that offer great food, where you can just relax and have good conversation with a stranger. I think if ever I travel great food and conversation will be 2 of the things I cherish most.


If you are ever in the area of Mikulov(southern Moravia of Czech Republic) Cafe Bata is a place not to miss.

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It is just a few meters away from the Castle of Mikulov. The small, but lovely cafe is on a roof top corner house. The Cakes and Tea are home and they are absolutely Delicious and the prices are affordable too. It has this relaxing atmosphere that would give somebody reason to sit there have a coffee and enjoy the calm ambiance.

damska jizda 132

Feel Free to stop by Cafe Bata in Mikulov!

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Turkish Delight – Anatoli Express


For the love of all things food and wonderful I thought I would share this germ of a find with you. Twitter is an interesting place to find the most amazing of places to bring  that extra special something that will transform your world from ordinary to extraordinary.

While twitting my life away I came across this twitt right here:

Join us @AnatoliExpress for the good life. Relax inside a beautifully decorated Turkish cafe and enjoy all things exciting,delicious&Turkish

and responded,

Sounds like my kind of place… @anatolicapetown @rdirectory_sa

which sparked,

@kellymthethwa @AnatoliCapeTown You can get more info & check out their traditional menu here! http://www.restaurantdirectory.co.za/anatoli-restaurant.html …

I decided to twitt to Anatoli and they replied promptly, inviting me over to their restaurant. Which I certainly will take them up on when next I am in Cape Town.

The point of the story is I looked at their website and wished I could be whisked away from Durban to Cape Town. I advise you to check this place out If you stay in Cape Town or are just visiting. You will fall in love with their food.

Kofte kebap

The food is simple, variety is big and like Anatoli the theme is truly Turkish. You can find traditional breakfast pastries like simit,poğaça and börek.

We serve Turkish teas and coffee as well as proper Barrista coffee all day long. Lunch is lamb or chicken kebabs, meatballs, falafel and a selection of freshly prepared mezes.

Pide,which is a flat Turkish bread stuffed with different fillings is a must if you haven’t tried it yet. To round off try rustic date and nut tart,Turkish Delight cheese cake or Chocolate and sesame seed tart.

Portions are generous and prices are reasonable and service is, of course excellent. We offer free uncapped Wi-Fi and a fire place for those miserable winter days.

Restaurants And Take Away – Old Dog New Tricks

Photo0725Today I set off to town looking for an adventure, I don’t know why but I knew when I got there I would find something interesting. And right I was, as I turned the corner of West street and Gardner street – there it was…a swam of protestors in red, I thought ‘might it be NUM hmm…but I had read they settled at 12%’. So, I decided to move in closer and satisfy my curiosity. It was a full on toyi-toyi with singing and the usual dance it seemed quite fun. At the back of my mind I was like what if this march turns violent? What than? But I felt a little reassured with the police leading and guarding the march that it would not get out of control. Anyway this is not the story I am trying to tell. Let’s get back to the story.

There is a new mall in town – Durban city centre, well not so new but new to me, it’s called the Mutual Mall. The mall has three entrance routes, one on West Street, the other on Smith Street and another on Gardner Street making sure it gets traffic from all directions. I had walked through the mall once before on my way to buy from Subway which is when I discovered this little gem.

I call it a gem because it introduces Durbanites to a variety of unfamiliar restaurants. It gives a different feel from the usual suspects such as the ever so popular KFC that needs no introduction, Mac Donald’s, Spur, Nando’s, Chicken Licken oh and not forgetting the underdog the Schwarma outlets that seem to be taking over the Durban CBD like a plague.


Mutual mall offers a new take on fast food or take away, it’s designed to cater for the busy workers in the city offering little or limited sitting within the restaurant and a centrally located open space where patrons can sit for a meal. This means you can buy a little of everything that the Mutual mall restaurants have on offer and enjoy it at your own leisure.


I visited restaurants that took my fancy and grabbed a menu to see what was on offer. I first went to The Fish and Chips Co. This is the first place that took my fancy first time I discovered the mall, it specialises in fish as I’m sure you have guessed. The menu is reasonably priced, you can have a meal for R30.00, and you can expect to find the usual suspects your fish, chips and calamari. The sitting is modest nothing fancy; it serves the purpose, what more can you want. Right across there is ‘Chillies’, as you might suspect its synonymous with Indian food, their menu cost a bit more I would say budget R60 if you would like to experience their food. Chillies is inviting to the eye too. I am planning on trying a thing or two from their menu when I have the appetite for hot Indian food. You can expect to find Durban’s very own ‘BUNNY CHOW’, your curries, biryani’s and roti’s. And last but not least there is Shefs Mediterranean kitchen which is literally two steps from Chillies. Their speciality is pasta, the menu is inviting with the food looking really tasty. Shefs is a presentable petite take away, expect a meal for R23 – R30, they also offer meals without pasta and sandwiches and wraps.


The different restaurants all offer a different taste and aesthetics to the mall giving the consumer variety and value for money. Although I did not try out any of the food in these restaurants I did go to Nino’s, keep a look out for my review to see if Nino’s should be your next stop or your biggest nightmare.

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Relaxed Dining Experience – Europa Restaurant Florida Road

Europa restaurant
Europa restaurant

If you were to ask me to share with you one of my favourite restaurants at the moment I will tell you one word Europa. I could tell you what you would expect me to say about any other restaurant – that they offer great Italian and other continental cuisine, imported coffees, delicious delights and so on…but that is not what I fell in love with.

Europa restaurant
Europa restaurant

Europa restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere where patrons love to gather and enjoy a good meal and conversation. The environment is relaxed and comfortable, with a harmonious relationship between design and ambiance. To explain it lightly – it’s like chilling at home with friends except you are catered for and surrounded by people who feel at home.

Europa restaurant
Europa restaurant

Europa has managed to do something many restaurants fail to accomplish in my opinion, and that is to create a space that offers a service and aesthetics that allows the customer to enjoy the experience and vibe of the place.

Europa restaurant
Europa restaurant

Ofcourse there are other great places out there for one to choose from, but for a chilled day out over good food and service with colleagues or friends, I would recommend a meal or two at Europa restaurant on florida road, Morningside.

PeepSouth in a nut shell

Ok, so I guess everyone needs to start somewhere at least in the past two hours I have had the chance to ask myself what it is I want to blog about and have come to the conclusion that I want to blog about life in South Africa, Durban surround being my point of departure, departure being debatable at this point.

Listening to Celin Dion in the background has really helped me set the tone for my new adventure without wanting you to feel left out I intend to engage you into my journey of discovery so we grow together. My hands are feeling somewhat cold as I type although others have disagreed with me to the fact that Durban actually has a winter season to begin with. Yes, Durban is a beautiful sunny city our weather is a gift that keeps on giving, maybe its the reason I never wanna leave the city or maybe I am just being a typical stubborn Zulu girl.

Today is Youth day and it is also Fathers day, I thought it best to question myself of the contribution I have made towards my country South Africa. I came up with a whole lot of excuses why I have not achieved what I initially set out to achieve at my age but thought it best to focus instead on what I can influence and change, hence my blog.

Durban is a wonderful city with great sites, heritage, a rich culture, a blooming nightlife, budding entrepreneurs and a dynamic and driven youth. I intend to touch on all the above and more as I commence with this blog, so let’s get our laces tied, belts loosened and caps on as we embark on this  great stride down south.Show less