Let Your Heels Do The Talking

A good pair of heels is always an instant head-turner. Any woman can tell you that the right pair can give just about any outfit sex appeal.

I found these head-turners to be just what any woman would wear to raise the blood temperature a bit.There is just something giddy about leopard print and gold sequin on a pair of heels that just raises the bar on sexy.

I love items that make a statement on their own and look and feel elegant. If you find a pair of heels that will allow you to wear a lifeless outfit but still look hot because your heels alone make a strong statement; go for it. After all simple is always the way to go.

Take a look at my head-turners and tell me if those won’t bring life to your everyday clothes.


Men Step Out In Bold African Print

Forget conservative, leave your black and greys back home and step out in bold African print to make a statement.

Nothing puts a bounce in your step like wearing the right shoes. Nowadays colour and print is just as important as comfort. Make a statement from toe to head in African print and dare to bring some colour into your life.

I have to say I loved these designs they bring spice to just about any outfit.

Have a look and tell me what you think.

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African Print

African print and fashion trend has taken my fancy ever since I joined the #naturalhairmovement. Its curious how you never see what’s in front of you until someone else points it out to you then viola like the wave of a magic wand you start seeing it all around you.

I’m going to share with you some pieces that took my interest either by style, print or just plain appeal.

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#TheStyleIcon Khanyi Dhlomo





If there is one woman who seems to have her finger on the pulse of change in South Africa – it has to be the astute and eloquent Khanyi Dhlomo. The CEO of Ndalo media first appeared on South Africa’s television at the age of 20 as a young journalism student from the university of Witwatersrand, she broke new ground as the first black newscaster on SABC1. I know it seems awkward to fathom that at some point SABC1 was a predominantly white channel, but such is the history of South Africa.

Khanyi Dhlomo’s rise in the entrepreneurial world from a young newscaster to the CEO of Ndalo media came through persistence and dedication. Khanyi Dhlomo’s many roles took her from newscaster, True Love magazine fashion and beauty assistant, to being the editor of True Love magazine. When she stepped down from her role as  True Love editor having doubled True Love’s circulation Khanyi Dhlomo took a break and explored Paris. While in Europe, she took a job as manager of South Africa’s Tourism Board in Paris.

Khanyi Dhlomo’s love for the media industry prompted her to forge ahead and attain her MBA from Harvard university where she was mentored by Jonathan Newhouse, Chairman of Conde Nast International (publisher of Vogue magazine). She was keen to establish herself within the media industry as an entrepreneur, this time, as the CEO of Ndalo media a joint venture with media 24.

Ndalo media founded DestinyConnect.com a website that serves as the online extension of Destiny’s publication. The website integrates an interactive social media platform with original and exclusive content, video footage, blogs, forums and business and personal profile listings. Just last Wednesday,17 September I partook in the DestinyConnects Live chat with Ndalo media CEO Khanyi Dhlomo. This is a platform created to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.

Khanyi Dhlomo is a style icon in every sense showing you that beauty and brains can actually coexist and that everything and anything is possible with hard work and persistance. But, if that is not enough Luminance, Khanyi Dhlomo’s upmarket store owned by Ndalo Luxury Ventures, a fashion and lifestyle retail company is sure to convince you just how stylish Khanyisile Dhlomo is. The name “Luminance” is taken from her own name, Khanyisile, which means “light”.

Let’s take a look at some of Khanyi Dhlomo’s stylish moments.


Images taken from Google images.


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#TheStyleIcon Bonang Matheba






Bonang is one of South Africa’s most successful female pioneers whose best known for her weekly slot on SABC 1’s Live show. Where she set the Friday night scene on fire playing the latest music videos and armed with her electric personality.

Bonang is a trailblazer with accolades most only day dream of. The young and accomplished Miss Matheba also known as Queen B* is not only the face of Revlon but an astute business woman owning Bonang Matheba Entertainment and having launched Just B with Jet, Baby Star (hand bags) and one of my favourite lingerie lines Bonang for Distraction which retails at Woolworths stores.

Bonang is adored by many and rightfully so, she has become an idol that many young South African woman aspire to be like . Her slot on Metro FM hosting “The Front Row” weekdays 9-12 boasts an astounding 6.7 million listeners.There is just no end to this dynamic beauty. Her future keeps getting brighter and brighter.

It is only fitting that she takes lead on the first #fashionfeature, without further ado let us peepsouth and check out Queen B’s fashion style.











Images from Google and Miss Mathebas’ instagram

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