Beauty Personified

Elegance is a sense of style and art that is symbolic of a class and seamless simple yet dynamic features. It is a visual pattern or form that resembles grace and style.
Beauty lies all around us but I dare not say we see the beauty that surrounds us everyday. There comes a time in all our lives when we experience an epiphany, at that moment everything falls into place and voila we see beauty all around us.
Elegance on the other hand is a rare find, it exists in a world of its own where beauty surrounds it and serenades its opulence, elegance exhibits refined grace and dignified propriety.
The question that comes to mind is how can one measure or determine elegance in style and art. That my dear reader I leave to the individual to decifer.
Time tells all, from sunrise to dawn our lives unveil; with each minute the past falls behind us like rain falls from the sky. What is time if not a measure of our accomplishments and growth. Time encapsulates the essence of being, whether we like what we see depends on how well our time was spent.

Three Cities – Jozini Tiger Lodge

The African sunrise can be such a superb splendour to witness, imagine enjoying a weekend away with loved ones at one of Kwa-Zulu Natals wonderfully nestled lodges basking in one of natures best sites in the small town of Jozini located in the uMkhanyakude municipality.

Jozini is a settlement with a rich heritage and natural beauty located in the northern part of Kwa-Zulu Natal. It has an array of tourist attractions and accommodation packages to suite just about any sceptic
Jozini Tiger Lodge took my fancy, it’s nestled right above the Jozini dam making its positioning and sites a must see for one and all.
The meandering drive down to the entrance of the lodge is very inviting as it moves down towards the Jozini dam and back. As you enter the reception area you are greeted by a warm staff welcome and a grand view of the dam. Tiger lodge is just what one needs for a relaxing getaway from the hustling and bustling city life. The lodge presents itself as a great escape with so many activities offered, not to mention the surrounding reserves one could visit and that ever so needed massage at the end of your thrilling day.
The rooms are a good size with a touch of luxury and comfort that makes one feel relaxed and settled without being imposing. The style is subtle yet with a statement.
Guests seem to keep themselves very busy with activities to the extent that one might feel deserted at the lodge, only to find the place come to life during breakfast time as guest congregate for a feasting. The food at Jozini Tiger Lodge is average maybe it’s done that way to cater to a variety of tastes, I don’t know. It is certainly not one of my highlights.
Tiger lodge is a great cross of luxury and nature its architecture recedes and puts nature in the forefront allowing the guest to enjoy the beautiful scenery. I especially enjoyed the view of the Jozini dam at night with the cool cascading breeze whistling by, that moment right there was the epitomy of my trip.
One thing I regret not having done was to engage with the locals and take in the culture of Jozini. So, next time I will be sure to explore the very essence of Jozini through interacting with the locals and finding out what they recommend one to not miss while in Jozini.
Whether your next drive or trip is in Kwa-Zulu Natal or in any of the other province be sure to take in the scenery and engage with the locals who knows you might just find interesting places you wont get off your tour guide.
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PEEPSOUTH: PeepSouth in a nut shell

PEEPSOUTH: PeepSouth in a nut shell: 1 Ok, so I guess everyone needs to start somewhere atleast in the past two hours I have had the chance to ask myself what it is…

PeepSouth in a nut shell

Ok, so I guess everyone needs to start somewhere at least in the past two hours I have had the chance to ask myself what it is I want to blog about and have come to the conclusion that I want to blog about life in South Africa, Durban surround being my point of departure, departure being debatable at this point.

Listening to Celin Dion in the background has really helped me set the tone for my new adventure without wanting you to feel left out I intend to engage you into my journey of discovery so we grow together. My hands are feeling somewhat cold as I type although others have disagreed with me to the fact that Durban actually has a winter season to begin with. Yes, Durban is a beautiful sunny city our weather is a gift that keeps on giving, maybe its the reason I never wanna leave the city or maybe I am just being a typical stubborn Zulu girl.

Today is Youth day and it is also Fathers day, I thought it best to question myself of the contribution I have made towards my country South Africa. I came up with a whole lot of excuses why I have not achieved what I initially set out to achieve at my age but thought it best to focus instead on what I can influence and change, hence my blog.

Durban is a wonderful city with great sites, heritage, a rich culture, a blooming nightlife, budding entrepreneurs and a dynamic and driven youth. I intend to touch on all the above and more as I commence with this blog, so let’s get our laces tied, belts loosened and caps on as we embark on this ¬†great stride down south.Show less

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