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Use Coca-cola Coke To Solve Everyday Problems

Coca cola coke is one of the most famous and loved brands there is globally. They have one of the coolest adverts I’ve ever seen on television, just when you think they cannot possibly top the last ad you find yourself hooked on their newest jingle.

As loved as the brand is it is also said to be addictive. Over the years I have heard many alternative uses for coke although useful they are alarming.
Here are a few tricks people claim coke can do:
– Remove rust
– Cleans old coins
– Fades dye on hair
– When added to a moisturiser, it leaves your skin glowing
– For the #naturalsisters out there it enhances your curl pattern when you put it on for a few minutes then wash it off
– It can be used as a drain and toilet cleaner.
– It removes stains when used in the washing machine with detergent

– Removes oil stains
– The coolest one I checked out on YouTube is the diet coke and mentos trick. It creates a fountain of coke, quite impressive to watch.
– I have even heard that coke can stop a runny tummy and put an end to flue when boiled.

There is a number of uses you can find on the net non of which is cokes intended use. I personally prefer to drink it on a hot summers day, there is nothing more refreshing.
This brings me to question whether coke is safe to consume over a long period of time.

Have you used coke to treat some of life’s problems either then your thirst?


As The Wheel Turns

I have been disconnected with my (blogging/creative) spirit for some time now, but have been longing to write (just to express myself somewhere somehow). I have asked myself a number of questions, gone through a great journey of self discovery and realised any journey is best lived through experience. Therefore with this new found enlightenment I slowly began to tap into the inner-self. The one who knows me best. What does this have to do with writing/blogging/creative outflow you might wonder? Well, life is a series of layers of interconnected events, choices and actions. For me to come to that light bulb moment I had to remove myself from the noise and traffic of it all. I had to go to a peaceful centre where only me and God reside, and just talk to Him one on one. To cut a long story short, in life there are times when you need to stop-assess and re-assess the way you do things and why you do those things the way you do them. It might sound silly but it’s the little things that lead to the big things. Life is simple and that is why at times we take it for granted. You have a perfect system that has worked for you for years, but is that system yielding the best possible results for you? A simple answer is you can always do better. Have you ever noticed how a simple question can take you into a journey of discovery? Life has processes – steps and stages, and we think if you follow these simple steps from A to B surely the outcome is you will end up at point C. But as we know all too well planning and implementing require strategy, careful action and control and re-structuring of your original plan. In my journey the most valuable thing I discovered is, each and everyone has a gift/talent and when you discover that part of you that puts your life into perspective every piece falls into place. Sometimes diving into the deep end will help you learn to swim faster, but sometimes you might just drown – but drowning does not need to be the end of you but your re-birth.

SEO / Copywriting Is to your Target Audience What Print Advertorial Is to Branding

Marketingis an ever-changing dynamic tool like a fish net cast in the sea, you never know what share of the market you will be able to get on board with your chosen form of advertorial. With today’s consumer being overwhelmed with product sales, it’s easy for a marketers message to be lost, find its way into the trash or simply ignored. So, the question is how do you ensure a bigger and growing target audience with advertorial? The answer is simple.

Online copywriting

The art of copywriting lies in the seamless flow of text within the content which is search engine optimised. What can SEO/Copywriting do for your business? SEO/Copywriting attracts websites to your own site creating traffic, through creating rich content that draws in your target audience. This generates  business and grows and cements your target audience.

Dynamic world of advertising

The world of advertising is an ever-changing environment that changes with peoples preferences, tastes and likes. Though somethings remain consistent, like print , radio and T. V; the introduction of technology has made information easily accessible and detectable. SEO/Copywrite is to your target audience what print advertising is to branding.

Target audience

Advertorial serves one of two purposes branding and translating a message to a target audience. The marketer should first define the goals of the company and advertorial, this will define its purpose and target audience. After-which a form of advertising should be chosen.

Online advertorial

Online advertorial is best used when trying to translate a message to your reader. Because of the word search advertorial can easily and effortlessly reach its target audience. Advertorial is used in the form of an article that intrigues and interests a consumer to read and engage with the content. This results in a purchase, spawned by editorial content and persuasion. Advertorial attempts to sell a product or idea to a consumer without the consumer being aware. The sale of a product might be immediate or in the near future as a result of the image created by the advertorial of the company. The good thing about online advertising is its effect can be monitored and rated. This can help a business know the market trend, and know what best appeals to their target audience. The web offers a semi-permanent lifespan to its publications  but if the advertorial is poorly written there is a possibility of not exploiting the target audience efficiently.

Print advertorial

Print advertorial next to word of mouth is one of the oldest and most trusted form of marketing, best used for branding. This brings to mind the connotation “what you see is what you get”. Print in any form is visual based, unlike online advertorial it consists mainly of an image with little text or a slogan. This form of advertisement is a form of mass media, it reaches the entire audience including those who are not interested in the product. Print advertorial focuses on selling a specific product preferably one the consumers are well aware of as it does not give enough information especially to an uninterested audience. The effects of print cannot be monitored, but the marketer can try to associate the number of products sold in the area of publication with sales. This will help the marketer know if there is a correlation.

Thunder Clap for Nelson Mandela


Happy birthday Tata Madiba!

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“What counts in life is not the mere fact we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead” – Nelson Mandela

18 July 2013 marks the 95th birthday of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, and the fourth Nelson Mandela International Day.

The vision behind this key event is simple: that each individual has the ability and responsibility to impact change.

One message drives this vision: Mr Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for social justice and human rights. The Mandela Day campaign asks that individuals, groups and corporates use just 67 minutes of their time on 18 July, and every day thereafter, to give back.

No matter how small the action, the aim is to change the world for the better, just as Mr Mandela has.

Some of the world’s greatest leaders and influencers have taken a moment to recognise that it takes just one individual to inspire change through action. This is their tribute.

Change is driven by those who make it.

One man’s vision has inspired a global movement for good.

Share in this vision and become a changemaker.

Join us this Mandela Day and drive the change – pledge your support on Pledge 4 Mandela Day.

Honour the life and legacy of Madiba by making your “Mandela Day activity” a piece of history, by registering your activity at Mandela Day.

Let’s make every day a Mandela Day!

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Pledge your support click on the link below:

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Nelson Mandela Spends 95th Birthday in Hospital


A banner with images of former South African president Nelson Mandela is hung inside the St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town, on 17 July 2013South Africa has been preparing for Mr Mandela’s birthday for weeks

Nelson Mandela is spending his 95th birthday in hospital in Pretoria, as events take place around the world and in South Africa in his honour.

South Africans are being urged to match the former president and anti-apartheid leader’s 67 years of public service with 67 minutes of charitable acts.

Mr Mandela, who is in critical but stable condition with a recurring lung infection, entered hospital on 8 June.

President Jacob Zuma said his health was “steadily improving”.

“We are proud to call this international icon our own as South Africans and wish him good health,” Mr Zuma said in a statement.

“We thank all our people for supporting Madiba throughout the hospitalisation with undying love and compassion,” he said, referring to Mandela’s clan name.

Mr Mandela’s daughter, Zindzi, said on Wednesday that he had made “dramatic progress”.

“I should think he will be going home anytime soon,” she told UK Sky TV.

Mr Mandela’s birthday is also Nelson Mandela International Day, a day declared by the UN as a way to recognise the Nobel Prize winner’s contribution to reconciliation.

The former statesman is revered across the world for his role in ending apartheid in South Africa. He went on to become the first black president in the country’s first all-race elections in 1994.

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) said that on this Mandela Day homage was being paid to 95 years of “life well-lived”, dedicated to the liberation of South Africans and people all over the world.

Poster project

The day kicks off with millions of school children across South Africa singing Happy Birthday to Mr Mandela.

To mark the former statesman’s 67 years as a lawyer, activist, prisoner and president, volunteers will spend 67 minutes renovating schools and orphanages, cleaning hospitals and distributing food to the poor.

President Zuma plans to mark the occasion by overseeing the donation of houses to poor white families in the Pretoria area.

A poster project offering a global vision of Mandela, with 700 submissions from around the world, will be unveiled on Wednesday and auctioned off for charity.

“He carries across this concept of humanity and selflessness,” said Mohammed Jogie, co-founder of the project.

Children sing Happy Birthday to Mr Mandela on the eve of his birthday on 17 July 2013Well-wishers have been gathering outside Mr Mandela’s hospital leaving messages of support

Events will also be taking place internationally, with an image of a large Mandela painting by South African artist Paul Blomkamp featured in New York’s Times Square.

British entrepreneur Richard Branson has pledged 67 minutes of community service on Thursday to “make the world a better place, one small step at a time”, speaking in a recorded message.

Meanwhile, concerts are planned later this week in the Australian city of Melbourne, featuring local and African artists.

His illness gives extra poignancy to this year’s Mandela Day, correspondents say.

For South Africans, the best birthday present for Mandela would be to recover and be among the people who love him most, says the BBC’s Pumza Fihlani.

As the family and millions around the country reflect the role Mr Mandela played in South Africa, there will be a quiet prayer that he will return home soon, our correspondent adds.

His third wife, Graca Machel, said last Friday that she was “less anxious” about his health than before and that he was continuing to respond well to treatment.

Thursday also is the 15th anniversary of the couple’s marriage.

Ahead of the anniversary, Mr Mandela’s close friend and lawyer George Bizos described them as “a loving couple”, the AFP news agency reports.

Meanwhile, Mr Mandela’s granddaughter Ndileka told the BBC on Wednesday that she had been hurt by a continuing family feud over the burial place of three of Mr Mandela’s children, as well as his own resting place.

She also described how difficult it had been for the family to cope with his critical illness, complaining of intrusive media questioning.

Abstract from BBC News Africa