Tips On Choosing The Right Foundation For Your Skin Type

Choosing the right foundation can sometimes feel like choosing the perfect icing for a cake, you want everything to be just right. I have had my fair share of problems with choosing the best foundation for my skin type and tone. You definately do not want to have too much foundation or too little.

As easy as it might seem, do not be fooled, choosing the right foundation can be a daunting task. One that requires research and some professional advice.

With that said, the trick with foundation is to first determine your skin type – oily, dry or combination skin or mature skin. Secondly your skin tone – pale, medium, brown or dark.

If you take anything from this, remember this, the right foundation or tinted moisturiser will look as if you aren’t wearing any at all. Foundation should disappear into your skin.

Here are some tips on choosing the right foundation:
– Do your research first before buying foundation (make-up)
– Go to buy from a department store where you can get the help of professionals
– Go to the make-up counter with a fresh clean face with no foundation on (clean canvass)
– Try out the foundation (make-up) before you buy it
– Remember the best shade for you is the one that blends and disappears on your face
– Consider using an SPF40 UV moisturiser before your foundation for added protection
– Ask the make-up professional on ingredients to look out for when purchasing foundation for your skin type
– To test, apply a stroke of up to 3 shades from your cheek to your jawline (to find a shade that fades into your skin best)
– Once you have found the right shade, take a mirror and step out of the department store into natural light to see how the foundation looks in natural light

If you consider these simple tips next time you look for your perfect foundation, you will walk away a winner with flawless looking skin.

Share with us your experiences with choosing the right foundation.

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