Key Make-up Application Tips To Help You On Your Way To An Even Finish

The right make-up applicator for me has always been a matter of what feels best more then what is best.

I usually use my finger tips to apply foundation, that way I can easily target my problem areas. But I have recently started using a brush to blend my foundation into one, since I have been experimenting with contour make-up foundation. I have to confess, I have never been a fan of the sponge. But every make-up tool has it’s uses.

Here are some tips on the benefits of using your fingers, sponge and the make-up brush.

Application Tools And Tips:
– Clean fingers can provide the sheerest most natural effect onto your skin; especially when using liquid and cream foundation. The warmth of your hands will help melt the base onto your skin.
– Sponges provide more coverage and are good for blending cream to powder or thicker liquid foundation like your compact foundation. An all important rule with using the sponge is to tap and not rub, for an even finish (I always tell my mother this but she can’t help but rub and the foundation doesn’t fade into her skin as a result)
– The brush I have found is like a magic wand. It gives you a more velvety finish. It’s ideal for achieving a polished look

Getting to know more about your make-up applicators will help you achieve that professional look and help you get the look you want for longer.

That’s what women want right! Great make-up that lasts all day long despite the hugs and kisses we give and get we still manage to look picture perfect.

Remember make-up is about what looks and feel great to you.

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4 thoughts on “Key Make-up Application Tips To Help You On Your Way To An Even Finish”

  1. yeah i have never been too much of a finger fan when it comes to applying foundation and whatnot. I do like the sponge, and you are right, it has to be a tap and dab motion…it works so much better 🙂

  2. Yes, it’s more of what you are comfortable with really. I never paid much attention to the importance of make-up applicators but the correct applicator makes a world of a difference.

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