Did You Know Vicks Vapo Rub Minimises Stretch Marks And Kills Toe Fungus?

I have been overwhelmed by the number of people claiming to use vicks vapo rub for an endless list of ailments. If you google vicks you will find a lot of uses that vicks vapo rub is being used for by ordinary people.

Vicks vapo rub is well known for its’ anti-inflammatory properties. It contains menthol, campor and eucalyptus oil. The product information says it is for external use only, to be applied only to the chest, throat and back and massage for 3-5 minutes. Inhalation method read, if head cold and nasal congestion persist, melt one or two medicine measures (5-10ml) in 500ml hot (not boiling) water and inhale the aromatic vapours…

With all that said people it seems have been using vicks vapo rub in more ways then what has been listed on the dosage and direction for use guideline. Vicks vapo rub is claimed to remove stretch marks up to 85%, tighten lose skin, kill toe fungus, heal cuts, bruises, teac bites, musquito bites, splinters, cold relief through your feet, get rid of migranes, reduce the size of cystic acne, act as a pet and bug repellent, help in hair growth etc.

This triggered an interest in this product although these claims seem too good to be true, I couldn’t help but wonder if there is any truth to these claims. There was just too many unique stories of people claiming they used the product successfully and it worked in a shockingly short period of time.

As much as I wanted to disregard vicks vapo rub uses as a myth I couldn’t help but scratch the itch, so I tried it out. What harm could it do except prove me right. I applied it on my stretch marks on iether side of my waistline where I had dark stretch marks. And also used it on my toe nail which had fungus.

The next day my toe nail had turned black (this was the fungus) as I had read it would, on day 2 it lifted up and a healthy nail appeared underneath. I carried on using vicks on my stretch marks for 3 days progressively, without putting on a cling wrap as directed. On day 4 I noticed my stretch marks were 90% less visible the darkness had faded. Although the strech marks were still there they were hardly visible.

If you google vicks vapor rub uses you will find some articles that plead to people to stick to the directions stipulated by vicks as methods of application. I can understand why vicks would want people to stick to the stated uses for application. But with vicks being so effective it’s hard to ignore the many benefits that one gets from this simple yet diverse product.
If you want to try vicks vapo rub out for yourself do it keeping in mind vicks’s dosage and direction for use. As for me it was worth it, and by far the best product I have ever used to minimise strech marks and kill toe fungus.

What have you used Vicks Vapo Rub for lately?

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7 thoughts on “Did You Know Vicks Vapo Rub Minimises Stretch Marks And Kills Toe Fungus?”

  1. maybe i shall try this on my stretch marks…whats the harm..i already knew about using the vicks for bug bugs. It keeps you from scratching, which i have a problem with

  2. after having baby number 5 I think its time I find something that works for all the stretch marks I have on my tummy. although I have tried bio oil for many years it has taken long for it to get a bit lighter. I just recently had a baby and it seems like It just got more, and its worse. hope this works

  3. Hi
    After reading ur post I want to try Vicks for my stretch marks and many people say the directions of application is by rubbing it all over the area u have stretch marks and then applying cling wrap all over and leaving it overnight. Did u apply Vicks like this?
    Please tell me ur application method of it is different?

  4. I didn’t use the cling wrap as others have suggested. I simply applied it on 3 consecutive days and it still worked wonders. Try it and find a method better suited to you.

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