Basic Herbal Skin Toner And Anti-Inflammatory

Let’s face it our face plays a big role in the way we see the world.
Let us look at how apsom salt, apple cider vinegar and or lemon juice can help us face the world a splash at a time.

Apsom salt: Apsom salt flushes toxins and calms inflammation.
Apart from being great for a soothing bath and soaking our feet it has other uses and benefits. I sometimes suffer from cystic acne on my chin and I have found apsom salt to be very helpful.

Add 1/2 tsp to your favourite cleansing cream and gently massage all over your face in small circular circles. Use once or twice a week.

Here is a remedy for a basic herbal toner:
– 1 Tsp apple cider vinegar/lemon juice added to
– 1 cup water
Take this toner and splash it onto your face or alternatively, pour it in a spray bottle for convinient repeated use. You do not have to rinse this off, let it evapourate.

*I usually put my natural oils in a spray bottle with 80% water for convinient use on my hair on the go. It hydrates and moisturises.

Do you think natural remedys are worth a try?

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