Get Kissable Lips In Less Then 5 Minutes

Kissable lips begin with love and care. Here is an easy way to get your prince charming going gaga over your lips.

Just like your skin is sensitive so are your lips. The harsh environment and your eating habits all contribute to the condition you find your lips in.

Lips need moisture just like any part of our body so make sure you have a good lip therapy treatment at hand with uv protection.
Do not use a lip therapy that strips away the layers of your lips leaving the skin on your lips thin and valnarable.
Dry cracked lips are unsightly and can be embarassing. So make sure you exfoliate your lips while softening them at the same time using caution at all times. Afterall, you want lips that are inviting not distressed.

Here is what you will need to soften and or lighten dark lips:
– 1 tsp Pure honey (pure honey is granulated)/liquid honey
– 1 tsp Fresh lemon juice
– Organic brown sugar (add if using liquid honey)
– A drop of cocunut oil

Mix all the ingredients together. Make sure your lips are clean. Apply mixture to your lips and rub gently in a small circular motion for 1 minute, remember that your lips are sensitive. While you might want to remove dead skin you want to be delicate and not leave abrasion.
*For lighter lips leave the mixture on your lips for 5 minutes. Lightly wipe lips with a disposable wipe. Repeat process 3 times a week (to lighten lips) or until you start to see results you are happy with.
If you just want to remove dead skin and soften your lips do this once a week or as needed.
Remember, lips love moisture. Moisturise your lips throughout the day especially after eating or drinking.


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