YouTube Tutorial Videos Show You How

It’s amazing how connected the world is today, from the days of the telegram to the world wide web to social media and YouTube. We can talk  and share images and videos instantly. YouTube has made video sharing the biggest thing since cellphones.  I think I at least watch one YouTube video a day, vloggers account for a large number of YouTube videos and subscriptions per day.

There are so many categories and videos to choose from the best thing to do is think of a favourite topic and search it, YouTube will give you a number of results related to your search. My favourite topic(s) is beauty, health and D.I.Y.  Lately I have been looking up videos on make-up tutorials specifically contouring and highlighting.

I believe every girl should know how to do basic make-up, I personally love make-up that’s barely there. But I am also interested in knowing how to apply make-up professionally. YouTube is the best place for how to videos, you find a lot of original videos by ordinary people who will show you exactly how to get the look you want.

Do not be fooled you might have to look through a number of videos before you find one you feel is right for you, so take your time and enjoy the video tutorials each one will teach you something different.

The best thing about YouTube video tutorials is that it’s interactive you get to subscribe, comment and get feedback. YouTube has its own community and culture that you will get to know about if you subscribe to a couple of vlogs.

One of the days I just might make my own video and load it on YouTube just so that I too can have my video streaming on YouTube. Until then, let me do what I know best and discover the world a word and video at a time.



What is your favourite YouTube video?


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