As The Wheel Turns

I have been disconnected with my (blogging/creative) spirit for some time now, but have been longing to write (just to express myself somewhere somehow). I have asked myself a number of questions, gone through a great journey of self discovery and realised any journey is best lived through experience. Therefore with this new found enlightenment I slowly began to tap into the inner-self. The one who knows me best. What does this have to do with writing/blogging/creative outflow you might wonder? Well, life is a series of layers of interconnected events, choices and actions. For me to come to that light bulb moment I had to remove myself from the noise and traffic of it all. I had to go to a peaceful centre where only me and God reside, and just talk to Him one on one. To cut a long story short, in life there are times when you need to stop-assess and re-assess the way you do things and why you do those things the way you do them. It might sound silly but it’s the little things that lead to the big things. Life is simple and that is why at times we take it for granted. You have a perfect system that has worked for you for years, but is that system yielding the best possible results for you? A simple answer is you can always do better. Have you ever noticed how a simple question can take you into a journey of discovery? Life has processes – steps and stages, and we think if you follow these simple steps from A to B surely the outcome is you will end up at point C. But as we know all too well planning and implementing require strategy, careful action and control and re-structuring of your original plan. In my journey the most valuable thing I discovered is, each and everyone has a gift/talent and when you discover that part of you that puts your life into perspective every piece falls into place. Sometimes diving into the deep end will help you learn to swim faster, but sometimes you might just drown – but drowning does not need to be the end of you but your re-birth.


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