DJ Clock Presents The Clockumentary 4Th Tick

DJ Clock The Captain
DJ Clock The Captain

After more than two years away from the lime light DJ Clock who established his claim to fame with the kwaito hit song ‘Umahamba yedwa’ from the 1st Tick and ‘Kiss and say goodbye’ from the 2nd Tick which was sampled from the legendary Manhattans has finally revealed a well kept secrete, a compilation that has kept him in studio working his magic day and night perfecting his art as a producer and DJ. “I wanted to make something different for my fans after taking a break for more than two years” said DJ Clock. The young and charismatic DJ Clock has out done himself with the release of the Clockumentary 4th tick, a 6 CD compilation offering 71 tracks, featuring the likes of Professor, Character, Khanyo, Thebe, Beatenburg to name but a few. The Clockumentary offers a host of genres Afro-house, Soul, jazz, deep under-ground, Durban kwaito etc.

4th Tick - The Clockumentary
4th Tick – The Clockumentary

The Clockumentary took more than 24 months to complete; what started off as a 3 CD compilation ended up being a 6 CD album featuring some of the best in the industry. DJ Clock is well known for his exciting, club banging tracks that are very popular with the younger market. The Clockumentary showcases a more mature and seasoned side of the popular DJ Clock better known for his electro kwaito. The Clockumentary shows DJ Clocks musical side, “I want to cater for a broader market, the older generation as well as the younger generation; all CD’s appeal to a different taste” said DJ Clock DJ Clock has managed to delivered good music that move the masses from the ‘1st Tick’. The talented producer delivers his beats effortlessly which keeps him coming up with hit after hit. “While producing the Clockumentary there was no pressure and no deadline the tracks just kept adding up” says DJ Clock. DJ Clock says it was fun working on the Clockumentary as he was working with friends and not just artists. DJ Clock has produced hits like ‘Imoto’ for Professor, ‘EX’ for Character featuring Professor and also produced albums for Queens of Dance as well as Mzekezeke under his label AM PM Productions which also signed a deal with the globally reputable Universal records. I took the liberty to ask DJ Clock which 3 tracks he would recommend and he picked the following tracks ‘Good job featuring Professor and Character’, ‘I still remember featuring Beatenburg/Pluto’ and Amabhiya featuring Lady Du. The track that DJ Clock is planning to promote in the year 2013 from his album is ‘Good job featuring Professor and Character’ with other tracks following in 2014. The one song that DJ Clock says he enjoyed working on is ‘I still remember featuring Beatenburg/Pluto’. DJ Clock was introduced to Beatenburg a rock group by a friend and collegue; he later had the opportunity to listen to their demo with which he was impressed. He says their working relationship was plutonic. The fact that Beatenburg are huge fans of DJ Clocks music meant they would learn from each other and bring South Africans a taste of both worlds with ‘I still remember’.

DJ Clock
DJ Clock

Here are some interesting facts about DJ Clock: Favourite food. DJ Clock enjoys eating uphuthu, beans and bones. Favourite destination in South Africa. DJ Clock loves visiting traditional places like the rural areas where there are still kings and chiefs. Favourite international destination DJ Clock would love to visit China or Japan, he is fascinated by their way of life like their food and healing methods. Fear DJ Clock has a fear of snakes and swimming in the deep end. Future Plans DJ Clock would love to share a studio with the likes of Kanye, Swizbeats, Dr Dre, Timberland etc. He plans to venture into business in future and work behind the scenes grooming young talent.   e-mail: e-mail: Twitter: @DjClock Facebook: DJ Clock AMPM Facebook: DJ Clock


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