eYadini Lounge Crowd Pleaser

eYadini Lounge
eYadini Lounge

EYadini Lounge has become the talk of the town and delivers first class entertainment on a weekly basis. Most popular for its Sunday sessions that bring in the best in the country to perform for the crowds. Set on a double-storey house, it stands out from its surrounding. The building somehow transforms from an ordinary double-storey by day, to a night club by night with the lights, sound system, DJ line-up and shisa-nyama.

The crowd pulled in by eYadini Lounge is the biggest by far proving that Durbanites are always up for a good party any day of the week. Mjay a.k.a Jabulani the owner is very popular with guests and if you did not know that he was the owner you would not tell. He has a friendly and welcoming persona which makes guests feel at ease and at home.

Like in any other township lifestyle establishment guests are not shy to spend on the most expensive bottles on offer and feast on the shisa-nyama while enjoying the vibe and culture of uMlazi at eyadini Lounge.

For a night to remember and consistent DJ line-up in a secure environment visit eYadini Lounge in uMlazi. Where every night is better than the last.

Group Bookings : 074 6851 805

Twitter : kellymthethwa

*Please note this article has not been sponsored


3 thoughts on “eYadini Lounge Crowd Pleaser”

  1. The place is an epic place but the owner Mjay has no people skills and he is disrespectful and i don’t see my self there anytime soon maybe if management has been over-viewed and changed.

  2. Mjay is very rude and disrespectful SHAME. I prefer Max the owner is very humbled🙌😭

  3. This goes to show every business owner needs to learn to practice people management skills. I hope he has a complaints/compliments line so he can improve customer service.

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