The Durban Fashion Fair Shows Off South Africa’s Talent

Spring is in the air, I have not had the best of winter this year I have always said I prefer winter to summer but I now beg to differ. I can’t wait for summer to begin, I’m so happy spring is finally here.

To grace spring we ‘Durbanites’ had the pleasure of hosting the annual Durban Fashion Fair organised by eThekwini Municipality, boy was it a pleasure to witness. I was anxious to see two designers in particular, David Tlale and Thula Sindi. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend Thula Sindi’s show which was at 21h00, I was not well. But, the next day I made sure I attended David Tlale’s show no-matter what, and I’m so glad I did it was a spectacle. Set at the Durban Memorial Park right in front of the Durban City Hall. David Tlale put on a world class fashion show that left the audience in awe. I loved his concept, to me it said ‘I have arrived in all my splendor’ David made a grand entrance on two roaring motorbikes circling the runway. We were all set aback in amazement and surprise, our attention was fixed on the motorbikes. Than David leaps over and DJ’s his own show while our focus was on him and the music out came the gorgeous models reminding us why we were there in the first place. The garments were ready to wear with cool colours, not forgeting the gorgeous models. David Tlale’s show was a blast.

From there everyone proceeded to the Durban Exhibition Centre where some designers had displayed their garments for the DFF. There you had the opportunity to mingle with the designers and see garments that were previously on the runway. The garments were priced very reasonably, it was a great opportunity to interact and exchange business cards.

The DFF was a great success, but, my only disappointment is I wish more people could have come to see the DFF.

Take a look at some of the garments and accessories at the Durban Fashion Fair:










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