Vogue Lounge Umhlanga Lifestyle Photo Review

Vogue Lounge Umhlanga lifestyle is a great place to relax and enjoy your time with friends and family. The atmosphere allows you to unwind, offering different settings for its audience. Vogue Lounge is a RESTAURANT I BAR I LOUNGE offering a VIP Lounge and a Cigar Lounge. Vogue has recently incorporated new events to appeal to a wider audience. Thursdays are dedicated to all things woman while Fridays are for dinners leaving Saturday exclusively for the VIP night scene with a DJ line-up. Vogue intends introducing Wednesdays as part of its themed events focusing on yet another clientele. Good food, diversity, ambiance and excellent lounge service are the highlights that Vogue intends excelling on.

Peepsouth will have another visit to Vogue to experience the upcoming Wednesday events and the Thursday all things women night. We were at the Friday women’s day dinner and I have to say the food is excellent.


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