Healing the body and mind through the spiritual

The eyes are said to be the window into the soul, how much do you think you can tell about a persons wellbeing and state of mind? You might not notice much by merely looking at someone, but you may through interaction with friends, colleagues and family. The busy lives that we lead in this day and age make it easy to get entangled in the day to day activities and ignore the bodies barometer and stress signals that sometimes are the source of ailment. Tension can bring about mental and physical fatigue that can lead to ailments that erode away at our quality of life.

peepsouth decided to chat to Preshana Bhimma a therapist and transformational coach at the Soul Sanctuary to get an idea of how one can manage stress.

Preshana Bhimma, Transformational Coach at the Soul Sanctuary

peepsouth: Who is Preshana Bhimma?

Preshana: I am a self conscious being who is inlove with people and the environment we interact with on a daily basis. I am inspired by people and the elements that bring about harmonious relations between the self and the environment.

peepsouth: How can stress affect a person?

Preshana: I believe a troubled spirit can give rise to a troubled mind and body which can bring about tension and stress, leading to a diminishing sense of self and surrounding. People can underestimate the factors that lead to psychological and physical ailments.

peepsouth: What is it that you do?

Preshana: I strive to help people come to the realisation of the self and awareness of their environment by helping them to create an environment where people can fall inlove with themselves.

peepsouth: How did you come to be at the Soul Sanctuary?

Preshana: It has been a vision and dream of mine for over 10 years, I have prayed and meditated over it and asked God to bless me with a ready made space where I can come in and start practicing and help people by focusing on energies. I am thankful and greateful to be here.

peepsouth: Where would you say you gain your source of strength?

Preshana: I have done alot of soul searching and spiritual growth over the years, I have had to grow as a person and be at peace with myself which puts me in a better position to help others find their soul sanctuary. I draw my strength from the love of people, travel and the open sea.

What are the stress signals that one should look out for:

  • Discomfort
  • Chronic headaches
  • Anxiety / depression
  • Lower back pain
  • Insomnia
  • Hormonal imbalance

what steps can one take to manage the signs of stress:

  • Attending a facilities workshop on stress management
  • Anger management
  • Meditation *can include prayer
  • Counseling

Preshana also offers the following:

  • Transformational coaching
  • Bio-Energetic stress test
  • Colour therapy facilitation

The above therapies help in screening of the mind and body, clears scatter tension and anxiety, analysis of your aura etc. and helps bring back balance and control of ones life.

The Soul Sanctuary offers a lovely bundle of services that focus on healing the body, mind and soul.

Here are other services available:

  • Hypnotherapist
  • Practitioner of touch energy healing
  • Hot stone therapist
  • Thai beauty and massage
  • Om Shanti Chrystal Cove
  • XEF – Gourmet food and delectable deserts , where you can also enjoy coffee, art and music
The XEF gourmet foods, coffee and dessets
The XEF gourmet foods, coffee and desserts
The Soul Sanctuary
The Soul Sanctuary
The Chrystal Cove
The Chrystal Cove
Hot Stone Therapy and Thai Massage
Hot Stone Therapy and Thai Massage

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