Beauty Personified

Elegance is a sense of style and art that is symbolic of a class and seamless simple yet dynamic features. It is a visual pattern or form that resembles grace and style.
Beauty lies all around us but I dare not say we see the beauty that surrounds us everyday. There comes a time in all our lives when we experience an epiphany, at that moment everything falls into place and voila we see beauty all around us.
Elegance on the other hand is a rare find, it exists in a world of its own where beauty surrounds it and serenades its opulence, elegance exhibits refined grace and dignified propriety.
The question that comes to mind is how can one measure or determine elegance in style and art. That my dear reader I leave to the individual to decifer.
Time tells all, from sunrise to dawn our lives unveil; with each minute the past falls behind us like rain falls from the sky. What is time if not a measure of our accomplishments and growth. Time encapsulates the essence of being, whether we like what we see depends on how well our time was spent.

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